Trekathon 684: Horizon (ENT)

Ensign Merriweather visits home.

Gah. I know I sometimes call for episodes that tell us a bit more about the character of the main cast, but this is a good example of how not to do that. Sure, we get to see a lot of Travis’s background and family, but the plot is just not that interesting. The conflicts are straight out of the book of cliches, nothing unexpected or novel at all.

The B-plot was silly, but T’Pol’s reaction to Frankenstein was interesting and appropriate – and there we saw her develop her horizons a little, becoming a slightly new person. In about one third the time of the ponderous main plot as well.

Callbacks: Families on starships, along with the ship’s counsellor get suggested. Reed is appropriately horrified.And, in Merriweather’s quarters, a copy of ‘Chicago Gangs’, one of the most obscure callbacks to date.

684 down, 53 to go.