Trekathon 683: Judgment (ENT)

Archer is put on trial by the Klingons.

Ah, the venerable trial plot. We’ve seen it so many times: Star Trek VI, *Tribunal*, *The Drumhead*, *The Menagerie*, *Court Martial*, *Rules of Engagement*, and even *The Magicks of Megas-Tu’. But I suspect the Greeks were the first to use this plot.

I thought it was all nicely told, with a relatively restrained use of flashbacks and the rest of the crew. The main missing element for me was any sense from Archer that he was apprehensive or worried about the situation he was in – sure, worry about the crew first. But the inevitable rescue at the end comes off as inevitable, not miraculous.

Callbacks: This entire episode is basically the plot of Star Trek VI, without the diplomatic negotiations component. This goes from the small (the judge’s ‘gavel’) to the large (the Rura Penthe dilithium mines). Oh, and there’s also a Duras ancestor, and some bloodwine.

683 down, 54 to go.