Trekathon 682: The Crossing (ENT)

Enterprise runs into some non-corporeal aliens.

This episode really clicked for me. It’s a pure science fiction tale, and would not be out of place in either TOS or TNG. There’s a good mix between the purer ‘exploration’ side of things and the more menacing side of the aliens. And the build up into the conflict works well.

I was particularly glad that these aliens didn’t seem to have any incredible powers. They were non-corporeal, but not super powerful. It’s much more interesting when the wits of the crew can save the day, rather than the whim of a god (*cough* Q *cough*).

One thing puzzled me – there were a lot of little clues set up that maybe everything wasn’t as it seemed with Phlox. Perhaps it was a deliberate mislead, and it added to the suspense for me. But with the episode now complete it didn’t make a lot of sense.

682 down, 55 to go.