Trekathon 678: Stigma (ENT)

March 14th, 2013

Enterprise visits a medical conference.

The main plot here is pretty uncomfortable stuff. We learn that T’Pol has a stigmatised Vulcan disease, which she acquired in what was essentially a rape. And Vulcan society is deeply intolerant of anything at all do with it. It’s frankly not the Vulcans that we’re used to, although I think the writers manage to make the explanation plausible. I hope they’re going somewhere with the divisions they’ve set up in Vulcan society though.

The B-plot was cringeworthy, but was a good message. It’s nice to see some real respect for cultures that are truly different to Human values, and Phlox is an excellent person to do that.

Callbacks: Remember the ‘half black, half white’ aliens in TOS? Well, this is just about as subtle as regards gays and AIDS.

678 down, 59 to go.