Trekathon 677: Dawn (ENT)

Trip and a random hostile alien are stranded and lost on an asteroid, and will die when the sun rises.

Solid but not brilliant. It’s not exactly a new story – *Darmok* covered similar ground, as have several other episodes. And while it’s interesting to see Trip under a bit of duress, we don’t learn that much about him.

But the aliens are pretty interesting, and rise above one note ‘going to kill you all’. I wouldn’t even mind seeing them again. And the jeopardy element with the rising sun was a nice touch.

(The ‘Blade Runner’ ripoff when Trip thinks he’s going die was a bit blatant, though).

Callbacks: I’m going to count a pretty bad ‘we’re on a soundstage’ planet set as a callback, rather than poor production.

677 down, 60 to go.