Trekathon 674: Precious Cargo (ENT)

March 10th, 2013

Tucker has to rescue a stuck-up princess.

The vast majority of this episode is some of the most out of date crap I have seen in a long time. Tucker and a princess (a literal princess) have to escape together. She’s stuck up, she’s never been out in the real world. There’s even a ‘fight fight fight kiss’ scene out of every bad romantic comedy in a while.

Just when you think they’ve run out of cliches, we’ve got the old ‘fake trial’ and ‘good cop/bad cop’ ploy back on the ship. And the ‘dress up rocks in your uniform to distract the enemy’. It’s really like a bad Disney princess movie.

A terrible episode that everyone involved with should be embarrassed about.

Callbacks: Does an episode whose gender politics belong in the 1960s count as a callback? Probably. More seriously, there are a lot of back references to The Perfect Mate, which involved the same culture.

674 down, 63 to go.