Trekathon 670: The Seventh (ENT)

T’Pol and Archer go on a secret mission.

It turns out that T’Pol is basically the worst spy ever, and must have pretty much been fired for cause from the Vulcan security services. Through this episode she’s easily manipulated, gullible and foolish. Not to mention that the plot seems to basically turn on what I would have thought was a pretty emotional thing, that is doubt.

Not that I really buy the idea of undercover Vulcans. Surely the ‘no emotions’ thing becomes pretty obvious after a few days?

The episode itself is a vast disappointment. We get a great setup with the terribly secret mission, but that mission largely consists of sitting around a table talking to a prisoner. The B-plot, with Trip having to take over as acting captain, had more potential but wasn’t given anything like enough screen time.

670 down, 67 to go.