Trekathon 669: Marauders (ENT)

Enterprise helps out a remote mining settlement being bullied by Klingons.

OK, so ‘bullied’ is a bit loaded – but a lot of the final act felt like the bit in a movies like BMX Bandits where the kids turn the tables on the bullies/mean adults. There’s really less violence than in the average *Home Alone* movie. This undoes the episode in an inductive fashion – the final sequence doesn’t work, so the training montage feels like padding, and the angst over whether or not to intervene seems overwrought.

Oh, and there’s a cute kid. One of SF’s greatest curses. Fortunately doesn’t get too much in the way of screen time, though.

(It’s worth noting the ‘serial’ nature is continued – this week refers to the aliens from last time, last time was returning to the aliens who bought the alien aboard in *Vox Sola*, replacing parts from *Minefield*. It’s not a plot arc, but it makes it feel like the story of a voyage rather than disconnected story).

669 down, 68 to go.