Trekathon 667: Dead Stop (ENT)

Enterprise has to find somewhere to repair their damage.

OK, so really everyone thought this was a good idea? Mysterious space station offering a deal too good to be true, and we’ll just go park our ship in the middle of it? Real sensible. They were lucky the station was only after spare brains, and that they appear to model their own security on the Starfleet ‘don’t worry too much about people breaking into the central core’ concept.\

But while the story strained credibility a little, it was competently assembled. There was some genuine tension around what happened to Merryweather (even if we know he’s not dead, he’s in the credits). And most of the crew are suspicious about what’s going on pretty early in the episode.

One other note – there’s been a big ramp up in continuity lately. This episode keys directly off the previous episode, both in plot and in several of the conversations within the episode. Too early to tell if its a trend or not, but its something to watch.

Callbacks: A real replicator, and the bone healing thingy they used so often in later series.

667 down, 70 to go.