Trekathon 666: Minefield (ENT)

Enterprise runs into a Romulan mine field.

So, first up – I hope they’re going to be pretty careful about continuity with the Romulans here. Remember, it’s not until *Balance of Terror* that Starfleet sees the Romulans. So far so good, but maybe we shouldn’t be using them too much, hmmm?

The best bits of the episode were the writers latest attempt to try and get a handle on Reed. As with *Shuttlepod One* it relates pretty strongly back to his family and his British background. The main weakness is that he’s making a pretty good case (in my opinion), that the Captain can’t get too close to his crew. But the requirements of episodic TV undermine his point, and he doesn’t make it very well. But it is a *very* poor decision from Archer to risk his life to save Reed – almost anyone else could have done so well. A Captain not willing to order people to their deaths is not prepared to do their job.

(I was glad Reed raised the issue about security too. Would a couple of restricted areas really be too much to ask?)

666 down, 71 to go.