Trekathon 664: Shockwave (2) (ENT)

Enterprise saves the future.

For a time travel episode that was surprisingly free of overly complicated plots. You could have rewritten the entire episode with Archer just being stranded off on another planet without very much effort at all. So rather than being all *Back to the Future II*, the episode is much more *Die Hard*, taking back the ship.

T’Pols arc is continuing along, with he disillusionment with the Vulcan High Command becoming evident to all. As I’ve mentioned before, I like the idea. But by setting it up as ‘her vs all Vulcans’ it becomes harder to see how we’ll ever get to the relationship we see in TOS. Or why they’d ever join the Federation.

Callbacks: first mention of the Federation and the Romulans. And I’m pretty sure that was the first warp core breach (albeit faked).

664 down, 73 to go.