Trekathon 661: Desert Crossing (ENT)

Trip and Archer are trapped in a desert civil war.

So, apparently Trip and Archer did a very very bad survival course. Because Rule 1 of desert survival is very simple: do not leave your vehicle. OK, fine, there was an attack going on – but you could have waited it out a few hundred metres away and then returned to it.

Mostly meh. There are some good tries at a good Archer/Trip scene, but it never quite comes together. We don’t learn anything very much about either person. Which brings me to the other main point of the episode…

Callbacks: OK, so we’re still doing the ‘this is why we have the prime directive’ stuff, with a ‘he’ll have to create a directive of his own’ thrown in if you weren’t getting the point. It’s actually getting a bit old now.

(Clancy Brown as guest alien of the week was pretty distracting. I kept expecting him to challenge Archer to a sword duel).

661 down, 76 to go.