Trekathon 656: Acquisition (ENT)

No, not the Ferengi. Anything but that. Couldn’t we find a way to include Lwaxana Troi instead?

Things this episode did wrong:

* Had Ferengi at all. Seriously, it conflicts with the timeline, and I don’t like them.

* Forgot that torpedoes weigh quite a lot, and so probably can’t be easily pushed by a single person.

* They stole the chair. Seriously. The chair. Not even the Captains chair, either. And they raided the larder.

* Despite being in Sick Bay, Tucker doesn’t think to just try a quick stimulant to revive people (until its too late).

* Bringing the Rules of Acquisition in to the story.

* Saving the ship revolves around the world’s stupidest Ferengi, with a healthy dose of ‘make them turn on each other’.

* Tucker spends half the entire episode in his underwear.

* Apparently the entire plot revolves around the crew being so stupid that they pick up a mysterious artefact and don’t exercise any kind of quarantine around it.

* The dog interrogation sequence.

* The old ‘fake fight between allies’ ploy.

* More of that ‘stroking the lobes’ rubbish.

Things done right:

* The opening sequence actually made the Ferengi seem pretty menacing when they were talking their own language without translation. Surprisingly enough this continued even when it became clear that antics were being performed. Music helped a *lot* with this, as ominous music was used rather than the normal ‘Wacky Ferengi’ music.

In case you couldn’t guess – this was terrible, and I hate it.

656 down, 81 to go.