Trekathon 655: Rogue Planet (ENT)

Some of the crew go hunting with some aliens.

Bleh. Dull and predictable. It’s established so early on that the aliens are hunting something a bit more sentient than they’re letting on that it’s mysterious. The siren that appears to Archer doesn’t so much seduce as make us question her judgment. And the final resolution basically comes down to just being annoying.

But my real objection is criminal waste of a premise. We start the episode with a ‘rogue planet’ – a planet not in any solar system, but able to support itself from the heat it generates internally. Pretty whacky, but an interesting SF pitch. The episode then proceeds to do absolutely nothing at all with it. They could have established an interesting social situation, but instead they act as if they’d rather just get rid of the awkward setup they had before their ‘main’ plot.

655 down, 82 to go.