Trekathon 654: Fusion (ENT)

Enterprise meets a ship of Vulcans who reject the teachings of logic.

Boring, and fails to deliver on the small sliver of promise. We’ve always had hints at the ‘primal nature’ of Vulcans (along with some very inconsistent explanations about how this primal nature if controlled). Here it’s reduced to someone being a little bit rapey, and a lot of an asshole. It just isn’t ‘big’ enough to justify the response, either in general or in this episode specifically. Other than that the Vulcan crew come across as a bunch of relatively inoffensive nerds.

I could go a very long time before I ever had to sit through something like T’Pols dream again. Simply horrible.

Callbacks: The Vulcan mind-meld, which turns out to be little known in this time period.

654 down, 83 to go.