Trekathon 652: Shadows of P’Jem (ENT)

Vulcan bureaucracy finally catches up with the events of eight episodes ago.

The ‘larger plot’ bits of this episode were good – growing tensions between Vulcan and Earth, T’Pols growing divided loyalties, the dangerous but honest Andorians. There’s a good story being told. I suspect some traditionalists are enraged by the portrayals of Vulcans in this story, but I like it. It’s inconsistent with what we’ve seen in later shows, but the Vulcans are allowed to change as well. Who says a Vulcan neocon can’t be entirely logical?

But the episode itself is some pretty weak packaging for this material. A few blurry action scenes, and some more ’T’Pol and Archer captured as prisoner together’. It’s not bad, it just fails to engage on anything beyond a perfunctory level.

652 down, 85 to go.