Trekathon 650: Dear Doctor (ENT)

Doctor Phlox writes a letter to colleague.

An interesting story, which for me highlighted the strength of this character at least. Doctor Phlox is one of the most fully realised aliens we’ve seen on Star Trek – alien, with different physiology and culture, but also with his own distinct personality beyond a cultural dictat (*cough* Klingons…). His interest in alien cultures is well done, a sharp contrast with Chakotay’s declared interest in anthropology that never delivered. Here Phlox faces a difficult ethical dilemma, and the conversation with Archer about it is the high point of the episode (albeit a little overly abbreviated).

Callbacks: The first reference to the Ferengi (oh is that a bad sign), and a pretty blatant bit of foreshadowing for the Prime Directive.

(And while it’s an old trope, most famously used in *MASH*, the framing device is well used). Also, I want to be a Denobulan with the whole ‘no sleep apart from a 6 day hibernation’ thing).

650 down, 87 to go.