Trekathon 648: Cold Front (ENT)

An observation mission turns a lot stranger as the plot arc kicks into gear.

Well, clearly the pathetic security of Starfleet ships was part of standard operating procedure from early on, as visitors wander the ship completely unescorted. At least Lieutenant Reed noted that free access might not be the greatest idea.

The temporal cold war stuff was underwhelming. There’s been no build up or subtlety, we go straight from a single throwaway hint to a long exposition sequence that could appear in the dictionary under ‘tell, don’t show’. There was a noble effort to try and maintain a bit of uncertainty about which side is good, but it’s just not enough to create suspense. The Sulliban have been just too clearly established as the bad guys. And so we end up going into an underwhelming final act with just a one-on-one fight between Archer and the bad guy.

Phlox continues to be great – his fascination about religions could have easily misfired, but it comes across as genuine and joyful.

648 down, 89 to go.