Trekathon 644: The Andorian Incident (ENT)

The Enterprise gets caught in the middle of some Andorians holding Vulcans hostage.

Now that is not a twist that I was expecting. Everything we know about Vulcans tells us that the Andorians are the ones going over the edge – finding out that they were right, and the Vulcans were hiding a military base is… disturbing, to say the least. It’s a reminder – this isn’t the nice safe Federation of the 2300s, it’s quite different out in space right now.

(I will want some follow up here, though…)

Everything leading up to that point was competent, but unsurprising. Enterprise has had a pretty heavy action component so far, and so there are quite a few fire fight scenes here – but one of them is pretty integral to the plot, so I can be forgiving.

Callback: It’s the Andorians, last seen (briefly) in TNG, but it’s been since TOS that they’ve had any role in the plot. And one of them is played by the same actor as Weyoun, judging by the sneer.

644 down, 93 to go.