Trekathon 643: Terra Nova (ENT)

The Enterprise investigates the site of a lost Human colony.

Well developed, with a nice presentation of the ‘fallen humans’. The SF idea of ‘only the children survive, what did they grow up to be’ is one that is so old as to border on cliche, but it’s nicely handled here (primarily due to some very strong performances). So far Enterprise is focusing much much more on exploration and ‘boldly going’ than on any of the series since TOS, which I quite enjoy.

But there’s a lack of punch to the stories. Here, they try to set up the importance of the lost Human colony, but it never comes across in any of the performances. No one seems that excited to be investigating except for the people carefully kept away from the planet.

Callbacks: Utopia Planitia (future construction site for the Enterprise-D).

643 down, 94 to go.