Trekathon 642: Unexpected (ENT)

Tucker gets a little surprise from an away mission.

The episode largely manages to rise above the idea, which had the potential to go quite wrong. But the pregnancy is played fairly seriously, and isn’t used for a lot of comedy. But it’s a more uneven outing than the previous four episodes, with less of a clear sense of where the story is going, or what it means. The best parts were probably T’Pols accusations about messing around while on the alien ship.

But the Klingon-driven back half used up a lot of cross reference for little point. Perhaps some of this is establishing things for use later on (such as the Holodeck), but it was really pretty unclear why they bothered with that resolution. There were a bunch of other ways that they could have found the mother again, most of which would have had the potential to be more interesting.

Callbacks: The first holodeck. A Klingon Bird-of-Prey.

642 down, 95 to go.