Trekathon 658: Detained (ENT)

Star Trek Masterpiece Theatre presents: The WW2 Japanese Internship Camps.

In case you couldn’t guess, this is one of those episodes where they didn’t exactly go for subtlety in hiding their theme – it was even namechecked at one point. That doesn’t necessarily make for a bad episode, but it doesn’t help.

The content was disappointingly by the numbers though. There was no attempt at nuance, and as it turned out that there were good guys and bad guys. When you’ve got shapeshifters around it’s almost criminal to not try and establish some kind of sense of menace and uncertainty using them.

The low point was the ‘aren’t you the real racist’ bit from Merriweather. It’s predictable, and it cheapens the plight of the detained population. Maybe they have a right to a bit of mistrust?

658 down, 79 to go.