Trekathon 636: Endgame, Part 1 (VOY)

Admiral Janeway tries to save Voyager from 16 years in the Delta Quadrant (out of 23).

A great episode with a couple of small missteps. About half the episode is spent in the ‘future’, and other than some dodgy special effects makeup it’s everything that you would want. The ‘present’ Voyager part is also strong, setting up a potentially interesting conflict with the Borg, and showing some real growth in Paris and Kim’s characters.

The main missteps are a silly ‘Paris is panicky father from central casting’ bit towards the start, a bit of a Klingon brick wall 2/3 of the way through the episode, and some George Lucas-level romantic dialogue between Seven and Chakotay.

But really it’s all setup. But it would be nice if Voyager can take a terrible season and at least make a decent fist at a good ending.

636 down, 101 to go.