Trekathon 634: Homestead (VOY)

Neelix falls in love and leads a revolution.

Even knowing that this is the last season, and only three episodes left after this one, it was a surprise to see an actual ‘series changing’ thing happen. Neelix’s departure is earned here. We get a good review of what he means to the crew, and why he might want to stay. And we see a situation that is realistically more tempting to him than Voyager. It’s nice plotting.

But not nice writing, unfortunately. The conflict between the Talaxians and the miners is painted in such broad strokes that it renders the conclusion obvious. It’s lazy writing, just setting up a simple conflict that doesn’t create any ethical dilemmas. Real people (and, I suspect, real aliens) are a lot more complex than the miners are given credit for here.

(Oh, and *another* misuse of the Prime Directive. Urk. Plus more evidence that Naomi Wildman’s mother has been completely forgotten).

634 down, 103 to go.