Trekathon 632: Friendship One (VOY)

Voyager gets its second real mission in the course of the show.

Not a bad defence of the Prime Directive, although I think that it’s a bit unfair to really blame Humanity for the planetwide catastrophe that this kicked off. It would be nice if people remembered that there are quite a few non-Humans in the crew. The subtle racism of the Federation is actually growing a bit disturbing at this point.

My biggest problem with the episode is the ‘quick fix’ at the end. It makes the problem less significant if technobabble handwaving can magically cure the planet. It would be a much more interesting dramatic situation to deal with if the problem was irreversible, and Voyager was honestly faced with the choice of delaying the return home to make amends for earlier generations errors. But maybe I’ve just been watching too much *Battlestar Galactica*.

(The first mission, by the way, was the one at the start where Voyager was hunting down some rogue Maquis. You know, the premise.)

632 down, 105 to go.