Trekathon 631: Author, Author (VOY)

The Doctor writes the great Holo-Novel.

There’s a lot of different plot going on here! First, the Doctor turns out to be a terrible writer, who is lucky that defamation law appears to have been weakened in the future. Second, we have a ‘is the Doctor a person’ legal dispute that harks back to some of the great TNG episodes. And Third, we have a ‘Seven learning to be a person’ subplot that for once isn’t too forced.

I enjoyed everything – the Doctor’s novel is appropriately hamfisted, but still based somewhat in truth. And the legal dispute is quick, but has some satisfying philosophical discussions. It’s all pretty good.

But it could have been great. For instance, why not play the contrast between a hologram who has become a person, but has no rights, with Seven’s still-developing own humanity. Or the crew could have spent more time reacting to their portrayal by the Doctor. Or perhaps we could have seen a bit more of the other EMH’s and their new life (the 30 second coda is unintentionally chilling). Missed opportunities once again.

631 down, 106 to go.