Trekathon 629: Human Error (VOY)

Seven tries to learn how to be a real girl.

Or, to put it another way, Seven of Nine does exactly the same thing that Barclay got in so much trouble for (making holographic replicas of crew members). Except this time rather than freaking out, the Doctor encourages her to keep her holodeck program. Seems like a lot of a double standard to me.

There’s a nice callback to a previous episode, and Seven’s developing relationship with holo-Chakotay is nicely done. But it’s fatally undermined by the fact that it’s a hologram, and hence simply does not count. But I loved the piano music, a great change from the usual soundtrack, so I’ll be a little more forgiving than usual.

The B-Plot was pretty underwhelming. Missiles fired at them. And then they stop it.

629 down, 108 to go.