Trekathon 628: Workforce, Part 2 (VOY)

The Voyager crew stumbles towards rescue.

The idea of using the aliens to drive the action in this half of the episode was a good one. But it’s a decision that makes it more difficult for us to really care about what’s going on, as everyone pretty much gets rescued without having to do very much. Well, Janeway gets to use her ‘skill’ of nearly blowing up the reactor, I suppose. But I enjoyed the alien investigator discovering the vast conspiracy.

But opportunities are missed. We could have learnt something about B’Elanna as she recovered her memory. But instead we just get a recapitulation of a few things about Tom. She does have a life outside her husband, you know. And Janeway’s farewell to her temporary boyfriend was strangely unemotional.

628 down, 109 to go.