Trekathon 627: Workforce (1) (VOY)

January 22nd, 2013

Almost all the crew is kidnapped and brainwashed to work in a factory.

I’m a sucker for ‘in media res’. This episode has a great mysterious start, with Janeway, Seven, Tuvok and Tom all working in a strange alien factory, with a good 10 minutes before any explanations start. The truth, it turns out, is a bit dull – there’s a labor shortage, so someone is going around kidnapping additional workers.

But what do we learn about everyone? Tuvok has no sense of humor. B’Elanna and Tom love each other even when brain wiped. And Janeway no longer in command can relax and live, just a little. That is, nothing.

(I do have to apologise – someone did remember the Emergency Command Hologram after all…)

627 down, 110 to go.