Trekathon 625: Prophecy (VOY)

In a refreshing change of pace, rather than B’Elanna coming to terms with her Klingon heritage, Klingons come to terms with B’Elanna.

Well, not refreshing. More ‘not as bad’. It’s mainly Klingon warriors wandering around shouting ‘Grraah’, along with a small touch of ‘mysterious prophecy people are manipulating turns out to strangely true’. And the final act attempted takeover is really the final proof we ever need that Tuvok should be sacked, because his job of securing the ship is entirely inadequate. Have they never heard of passwords on the transporters?

Still, a mostly fun story that doesn’t dwell on the annoying territory of most of the Voyager Klingon episodes.

(But: “You have two choices, kill her or mate with her” – yuck. Ditto Neelix’s booty call).

625 down, 112 to go.