Trekathon 624: Repentance (VOY)

The Voyager runs into a strained death penalty story.

The episode was off to a bad start when the writer forgot what the Prime Directive is. Hint: it doesn’t apply to races who have their own warp-capable ships…

As for the rest – I suppose it was a reasonable attempt at a SF story, in this case ‘what if a criminal could really change’. But the episode was simply overloaded. We have the ‘discriminated against ethnic group’, the ‘claims his innocent but isn’t really’, the ‘warder who is just doing a hard job’, and of course ‘the hardened criminal who sees the light’. Except rather than a nun, it’s Seven of Nine this time. Oh, and a quick dose of ‘but I’m really the guilty one’ from Seven at the end.

We’re saved from too much moralising about how terrible the death penalty is at least.

624 down, 113 to go.