Trekathon 623: Lineage (VOY)

January 18th, 2013

B’Elanna comes to terms with her Klingon side. Again.

As my summary suggests, I’m not exactly jumping for joy to return to such a well-trod well. We’ve had about four episodes about B’Elanna coming to terms with her Klingon side. This is the worst yet, suggesting that it’s actually all been about a standard adolescent response to a divorce. Or we’re supposed to believe in the future that only Klingon teenagers are moody.

But bad as it is, the backstory is eclipsed by the terrible A-story. Apparently B’Elanna and Tom’s relationship is so bad that rather than talk to him about it she radically reprograms the Doctor in an attempt get what she wants. There’s a quick handwave of ‘Klingon hormones’ at the end, but it’s just not enough. Tom ought to be a lot angrier here than he is.

623 down, 114 to go.