Trekathon 622: Shattered (VOY)

Chakotay and Janeway go on a tour of episodes past.

It’s very hard to watch this episode without thinking about *Before and After*. That episode had an incredibly similar structure, with Kes in that instance travelling through the history of Voyager. But while that episode was a great way of understanding a character, this one feels like a mostly disconnected ‘best of’, with only a single interesting character moment in the middle.

The interesting character moment was Janeway, when she decides to change history (her future, to be fair) to stop Voyager going to the Delta quadrant. It’s well set up, and quite consistent with what we’ve learnt about Janeway and her complicated relationship with rules. But what I never understand is why the ‘as seen on TV’ timeline is always the chosen one as far as the rules go. Doesn’t Chakotay equally break the ‘temporal Prime Directive’ by un-killing himself from the point of view of Naomi and Icheb’s future time?

622 down, 115 to go.