Trekathon 621: Flesh and Blood, Part 2 (VOY)

January 16th, 2013

A rogue ship of Holograms looks for its promised land.

The Doctor is a total idiot. Otherwise the attempts of the Hologram leader to compare his life on Voyager to his life being hunted would have had no influence on him at all. As it turns out it’s not until he turns out to be suffering from a teensy little messiah complex that the Doctor gets any doubts at all. Only when he turns to outright murder does he get the idea.

The main problem with this episode is that the emotional arc of the Doctor didn’t make sense to me. Just the existence of another group of holograms is enough to make him abandon (or betray) Voyager? Janeway’s explanation makes a lot more sense. And just writing a scene at the end to say it wasn’t reprogramming isn’t enough. Without explaining and justifying the Doctor’s actions the episode just fell flat on its face for me.

621 down, 116 to go.