Trekathon 620: Flesh and Blood, Part 1 (VOY)

Federation technology is used to create a crew of killer holograms.

Oh, the Hirogen. I thought we were done with them, but sadly apparently not. One of Trek’s major weaknesses is the ‘everyone in a race is the same’ trope, which is actually a pretty unpleasant way of thinking. The Hirogen are one of the worst examples of that, as unlike most other one note races we haven’t seen any single character who has any definition. They’ve added almost nothing to the stories they’ve been involved with.

The plot evolves into a story about the doctor halfway through, which while familiar ground is at least building on something with a little bit of interest. But the idea of the ‘hologram ship’ is a bit too hokey, and the ‘is the Doctor a second class citizen’ stuff a bit too forced. I don’t buy that he would so quickly betray Voyager just because these are ‘his people’ – who, as he points out, have just tortured him.

620 down, 117 to go.