Trekathon 619: Nightingale (VOY)

Harry Kim has his first command.

Interestingly enough it’s a new take (for Trek) on the old ‘first command’ story that’s been done about half-a-dozen times now. Here, rather than being unable to work out how to be a leader, Harry has a different common management problem – he can’t delegate. Let’s just say that I understand where he’s coming from here. Seven’s little speech pointing this all out is way too didactic, and struck me as a bad case of the pot calling the kettle black: she would never delegate something if she had to.

The plot was a bit predictable (they were obviously ‘up to something’ from early on). And the moral dilemma never gets satisfactorily discussed beyond ‘well, you’re sure in a big mess now’.

(Oh, and as the the Icheb/B’Elanna subplot: yuck!)

619 down, 118 to go.