Trekathon 618: Body and Soul (VOY)

The Doctor ‘borrows’ Seven’s body.

First, the good. Jeri Ryan does a fantastic job of capturing the Doctor’s tone, movements and cadence. It makes the idea that someone has taken over her body quite believable. Performing the same character every week must get a bit dull for the actors, so I’m sure she was happy to have something new to do.

Unfortunately, a good performance and an interesting idea is paired with a lacklustre story. It’s far more ‘1980s romantic comedy’ than science fiction story, even down to the pair of secondary characters who will find their own love by the end of the story. This is underlined by the closing scene – rather than being justifiably still angry or apprehensive about what’s gone on, Seven for some reason seems to be trying to make amends with the Doctor. It makes no sense given the story or her character, the writer just wanted to close things off ‘neatly’.

618 down, 119 to go.