Trekathon 616: Critical Care (VOY)

The Doctor is kidnapped by an evil Space-[HMO](

This is just about as blatant as [that TOS episode with the half-white half-black aliens](, as message shows go. Yes, we get it, evil organisations who won’t allocate health care to all, just to the rich. Of course, no need for the Doctor to understand any of this, or to appreciate that it’s a system of compromises that is the best this alien race could manage. Nope, it’s all high-and-mighty ‘I’m right and you’re wrong’. When we aren’t given a chance to see the bad guys point of view the story telling suffers.

Speaking of story telling suffering, did we have to bother with the ‘back on Voyager’ scenes? None of them were the least bit necessary – if the first we’d seen of the regular crew was Chakotay and B’Elanna turning up it would have made perfect sense still.

616 down, 121 to go.