Trekathon 614: Drive (VOY)

Tom enters into a race rather than trying to have a relationship with B’Elanna.

Another great big pile of ‘dull’. Voyager stops to join in a ship race – potentially interesting, but ends up just being dull. Harry Kim falls for another girl who turns out to be a saboteur – dull. B’Elanna gets snippy about Tom not spending enough time with her, and Tom decides to propose – dull. This was seriously the best idea anyway could come up with? And if Tom is going to propose while they’re in mortal danger, can’t we at least get a reference back to their first date when they were dying in space?

But there is one thing to be thankful for at the end of it all: at least there isn’t a wedding episode to dread in the near future.

614 down, 123 to go.