Trekathon 612: Unimatrix Zero, Part 2 (VOY)

Janeway’s Cunning Plan (™) saves the day and starts a Borg civil war.

Yay, I guess. I’m not sure starting wars is the Star Fleet way, even if it is with Borg. Not that I really cared very much about the other side – ‘Unimatrix Zero’ continues to be as uninteresting a place as it was last season.

But I felt the real problem here was a lack of focus. There’s an interesting story to be told with Tuvok’s loss of control – but we never follow up on it. It’d be interesting to see B’Elanna trying to wander around a Borg cube undiscovered – but we see her just about once, and she does nothing. Instead we spend the entire episode watching Janeway talk to the Borg Queen. Not the worst idea, but there were other stories we could have watched.

612 down, 125 to go.