Trekathon 635: Renaissance Man (VOY)

The Doctor goes rogue to save the Captain.

A few bumpy moments, but overall a clever story that actually makes some good use of the Doctor’s holographic abilities. As lampshaded at the start of the episode, in many ways the Doctor is the most capable crew member, as demonstrated by his successful takeover of the ship. Unfortunately his judgment is still a bit lacking, as demonstrated by his gullibility.

The main weakness of the story is in that gullibility though. It’s one thing to be gullible, quite another to be gullible while people are shouting the truth at you from the sidelines. The Doctor isn’t that stupid, is he? But for me that was made up for by the action sequences in the chase with Tuvok, which make good use of the hologram.

635 down, 102 to go. And just one story (two episodes) to go in Voyager.