Trekathon 603: Ashes to Ashes (VOY)

A Voyager crew member returns from the dead.

So, an alien race that reproduces by reanimating the corpses of other species?

Can I be the first to say – Ick!

Unfortunately, the show doesn’t have the history to make this work. Imagine for a second an alternate Voyager, where some second-tier crew member that Harry had a crush on was seen in several episodes, and then dies in an away mission. Then her return here would have been a big impact, and we could believe that she might stay. That would have been a good episode. But we don’t care about the returned crew member, and so the plot doesn’t work. It’s just another Harry Kim hopeless crush.

(Oh, hey those ex-Borg kiddies are still around. That’s surprising, there isn’t normally that much continuity… Unfortunately, it’s a painful ‘Seven learns to be a parent’ sequence).

603 down, 134 to go.