Trekathon 601: Collective (VOY)

December 27th, 2012

Voyager discovers a Borg collective made up of children.

Remember Muppet Babies?

I would like to make one thing very clear. Muppet Babies are the only time that you can possibly do that kind of ‘what were they like as children’ show. It only works because they’re so bizarre. Nothing else could possibly work. No, not even Mickey Mouse.

So you can probably guess that ‘Borg Babies’ isn’t going to work. ‘Borg Sullen Teenagers’ is no better either. The acting is dreadful, and the writing is worse. We don’t learn anything in particular about Seven, and the great moral conflict is reduced to the Doctor going ‘look at the cute baby. You don’t want to kill the cute baby do you?’. Luckily enough, Janeway is too smart to fall for that one.

601 down, 136 to go.