Trekathon 600: Tsunkatse (VOY)

Seven of Nine is involuntarily enrolled in Fight Club.

Every now and then there’s a ‘writer obsession’ I just don’t get. A good example was all the lounge numbers in the last season of Deep Space 9. Another very common one is the ‘noble art of boxing’ trope that pops up again and again – for instance, a terrible Battlestar Galactica episode. I just don’t get, and also movies like *Million Dollar Baby*. As a result, what little this episode could possibly offer is completely lost to me. I just don’t care about the training and learning about how to win the fight.

There was the germ of a good idea here, in terms of Seven fighting to hang on to her new earned humanity. But it’s lost because we’re not told about the stakes of the fight until after everything is resolved, and so all we know of the inner conflict is there and gone in mere seconds.

600 down, 137 to go. Trek notches up its sixth century, just one more to go (the eighth century would, approximately, come around three years into a hypothetical future series).