Trekathon 591: Riddles (VOY)

Tuvok loses his memory.

“The Vulcan Brain. A puzzle wrapped inside an enigma, housed inside a cranium.”. No. Bad writer. No biscuit.

Tuvok subconsciously prefers Neelix to Janeway? I’m not sure that makes any sense. And while we’re talking about not making sense, the obsessive alien trying to prove that this mysterious species exists quickly deciding to help them cover up their existence? Doesn’t make sense either.

As for the rest – it’s the stupid Tuvok vs Neelix thing again. Surely there is nothing left to be done here. It was not good [last time]( They do find a new angle, by suggestion that Tuvok subconsciously likes Neelix, but nothing much more than that. We know that the interest in puns and jazz will be short lived as well.

591 down, 146 to go.