Trekathon 590: Alice (VOY)

December 16th, 2012

Tom’s new find goes all ‘Single White Starship’

Mysterious alien technology takes over Tom. It’s an old plot for Trek, but it’s not entirely stupid – after all, if there really was a spaceship wandering around alien races, it would be a realistic concern. Of course, in that case there would be careful security checks, safeguards, clean-room procedures, and so on. But that doesn’t make for good TV. But what also doesn’t make for good TV is having the main character with mysterious motivations. They don’t ‘earn’ Tom’s seduction here, it goes from zero to 100 in a second. And they confuse things with an element of mind control as well.

The rest was padding – there was no real benefit in having the ship be found at the mysterious alien junkyard, it just gave the writers a few extra pages in the story to avoid getting to the point.

590 down, 147 to go.