Trekathon 588: Barge of the Dead (VOY)

B’Elanna hallucinates Klingon Hell.

So, here’s pretty much the summary of what goes on here – B’Elanna gets into an accident. After the accident she has a dream that’s largely due to her non-acceptance of her Klingon half. And then decides to have another dream, so she can ‘resolve’ her relationship with her mother. Doesn’t sound like exciting TV now, does it?

Mysticism and unexplainable experiences can make for a good story. But they don’t work well in a show so firmly based on rationalism as Star Trek, and it doesn’t work well with a character like B’Elanna. The ‘solution’ seems like it shouldn’t work either – if it’s fundamentally a problem in your subconscious, then using a trick isn’t really going to work, is it?

588 down, 149 to go.