Trekathon 585: What You Leave Behind, part 2 (10) (DS9)

The End.

So, all that build up for the Pah Wraith thing? Weeks of setting this up between Dukat and Winn, foreshadowing across years? Sisko gets a feeling that he has to run to the Fire Caves, Dukat does a quick evil monologue. And then Sisko does the self-sacrifice thing, and it’s over. It’s just stupid. For a start, if he’d just bought someone else with him there would have been no need for it at all. It’s not narratively satisfying.

There is a lot of forced wrapup – Worf heads off to a job that makes no sense at all for his character. Quite apart from the strange obsession with Minsk. O’Brien’s departure for Starfleet Academy makes more sense. And as for Odo – it makes sense to return to the Great Link, but I would have liked to get more of a sense that it was a struggle. It feels like everyone in the show knows that it’s the last episode.

Really, did we have to have *another* Vic song? Seriously. Almost 2 1/2 minutes wasted.

But even the Vic scene I can forgive. five montage sequences? Completely unforgivable. Go and count the number of montage sequences in *All Good Things*, that’s the right number. (Hint: it’s zero).

585 down, 152 to go.