Trekathon 584: What You Leave Behind, part 1 (9) (DS9)

December 10th, 2012

The final battle for the Alpha quadrant begins.

This is – sadly – not very good. There is a lot of terrible padding. Do you know what’s never ever funny? Or interesting? Or ever worth showing on TV? Morning sickness. And of course we need a last visit to Vic Fontaine, this time with Quark whining to him about his terrible life. And some just stupid things – why is the ships counsellor on the bridge controlling things during a battle?

Several characters have personality transplants: in particular, Weyoun (who becomes strangely avaricious), and the Female Founder (who becomes a straight out maniac). But I will give them credit for knowing one of the important rules – ‘just order the execution, don’t gloat’. Kai Winn has lost her definition, and is just boringly evil now.

And really not much happens in the whole hour. Kai Winn gets to the Fire Caves, Cardassia revolts properly, Damar dies. We’re nearly at the end, and it looks like the plan is falling apart. Not the Dominion plan, the one the writers have.

584 down, 153 to go.