Trekathon 583: Equinox (1) (VOY)

Voyager finds another Federation ship in the Delta quadrant.

Ho hum. The other crew has a dark and terrible secret. Good old upright Janeway just won’t understand, but somehow they manage to get the upper hand. About the only thing unexpected in this episode is that it isn’t all neatly wrapped up with a moralistic speech – it’s a two-parter, clearly that will be next time around.

This really feels like an episode that was arbitrarily turned into a cliffhanger. It stretches out a bit, and there simply isn’t that much left to resolve in the second part. It’s not a very interesting cliffhanger.

This episodes marks an important epoch – this is the lat time, so far, that we’re weaving backwards and forwards. DS9 finishes up next, and then it’s straight shot for the rest of Voyager and then into Enterprise. Seven years of two series on TV – not bad, but this is the end of peak Star Trek.

583 down, 154 to go.